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It was in the classic tradition of British wedding | 山东立信华创信息科技咨询有限公司
It was in the classic tradition of British wedding

It was in the classic tradition of British wedding

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“uncertain economic times ensure more Americans will be looking at Christmas trees as an investmenta single artificial Christmas tree costs 70 percent less than the purchase of ten real Christmas trees over the same period of time”.[28] All of this mixed with our convenience culture that enjoys the ease of new technologies, the artificial Christmas tree has blossomed into the holiday staple that it is today. Residents used an artificial tree instead of a natural tree.[30] The real versus artificial tree debate has been popular in mass media through the early 21st century. The debate is a frequent topic of news articles during the Christmas holiday season.[13][31] Early 21st century coverage of the debate focused on the decrease in natural Christmas tree sales, and rise in artificial tree sales over the late 1990s and early 2000s.[30][31]The rise in popularity of artificial trees did not go unnoticed by the Christmas tree farming industry in the United States.

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